Our mission and objective is to maximize returns for our investors through prudent real estate investing. is a preconstruction condominiums portal which is part of Right at Home Reality Investments Group Brokerage. It was founded in Toronto, Ontario, by award winning Real Estate Broker and successful investor Maxim Baginskiy.

Our company delivers value to investors by way of strategic acquisition of preconstructions units in Toronto's condominiums, and by way of purchasing and holding of profitable Real Estate assets. We use a radically different investment strategy that allows for excellent profits regardless of what the current state of the Real Estate market is.

Our advantages

Most reliable developers
Under the leadership of the founder, Maxim Baginskiy, the NEWGTACONDOS.COM Team has built strategic alliances and partnerships with all Toronto's most reliable developers. This allows us to have access to VIP sales with discounted prices and special incentives and save thousands of dollars for our clients from the total purchase price.
Secure investment
The company use methodologies, which completely exclude the possibility of losing the invested funds. We are not supporters of risky, fast earnings on real estate, or the so-called "flips", which are a blatant speculation and have nothing to do with a reliable, safe way of investment. Our strategies are profitable in any market condition.
Investment works by itself
Our Pre-condos construction condos investment strategies , unlike other types of investment in real estate, do not require you to waste your own time, this type of investment works by itself, without taking away your precious time. In our view, a real investment is when the money you have invested is multiplied by itself without your direct involvement.
Best mortgage rates
We are working directly with all major Canadian Banks and because of the number of the deals done already, we always able to get the best mortgage rates for our clients. We are partners with Benson Mortgages who works with a wide variety of lenders, including both institutional and private to secure best financing for pre-construction deals.
We are city-experts
We are city-experts, who are up-to-date on all future developments across the GTA. We also have very detailed knowledge and information about various micro-districts, and upcoming communities. Using this knowledge, we always find new condo projects in the city that will experience strong future growth in prices because of the areas changes.
Safe contract
Our Legal Team take care of all our clients. For all our customers we offer free of charge complimentary contract reviews by one of the most experienced law firms, which has been working with us for over a decade on pre-construction condo contracts, and has an impeccable reputation! It's important to know that you signed safe contract.
Property management services
We offer professional full service residential property management services included long term rental and short term rental. Our Property Managers have extensive experience dealing with tenants, condominium management and trades-people. Besides the day-to-day operations, we also have extensive legal and accounting resources.
Full range of related services
We provide for the investors full range of related services included but not limited to: Finding most profitable projects, Detail area reports, Investments calculations, Contract assignments ,PDI inspections, Finding tenants and renting the property, Property management, Sale of the property, Legal and accounting advises.
Maxim Baginskiy

Highest award Winning Real Estate Broker and Successful Toronto Investor Maxim Baginskiy, President and Broker of Record at Right At Home Realty Investment Group Brokerage, Founder and owner at Invest Connect Management. Maxim Baginskiy has become one of the leading selling pre-construction broker in Toronto, consistently winning top sales awards. He is also the current host of "Secrets of the real Estate" and "Canadian Dream" Toronto's Real Estate TV Shows.

Maxim Baginskiy is a developer's approved "platinum" broker with over 25 years of condo investment experience and well known for his expertise and industry knowledge. His knowledge of constantly changing real estate investment market helped hundreds of his clients to gain financial independence within just a few years after they started investing in GTA pre-construction condominiums.

Let us put our knowledge, experience and dedication to work for you!

Our team at is comprised of city-experts, who are up-to-date on all future developments across the GTA. We also have very detailed knowledge and information about various micro-districts, and up-and-coming communities in Toronto. Using this knowledge, we find new condo projects in the city that will experience strong future growth in prices, and also offer great present value. All this information is used for the benefit of our clients, which enables them to make smart pre-construction investment decisions and get excellent profits.

Our clients are not only professional investors! Among our clients there are many who buy for themselves, their children, those who are downsizing, upgrading and are first time buyers. Those who are willing to purchase real estate at the initial stage of construction receive benefits of change in value of the property by the time the condo is built.

Are you looking for experienced real estate professionals who have vast knowledge of the ever-changing Real Estate market, and who will obtain the results you desire?

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