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We help you tap into the booming real estate market in Canada. Thanks to increasing immigration and Canadian nationals returning from abroad, the demand for new condos is higher than ever. This gives you a huge opportunity to buy a property that surges in value over time. We’re here to find the perfect opportunity for you and ensure you avoid the traps and hidden dangers that ruin so many investment dreams.

Eight Reasons To Choose Us

We strike developer deals on your behalf
We’ve built close relationships with Toronto's most reliable and savvy developers. This gives you access to VIP sales at discounted prices and special incentives that aren’t open to regular buyers, saving you thousands on the advertised purchase price.
We use secure investment strategies
We use a safe investment method, so you can’t lose your initial investment. We grow your money without resorting the risky deals, or ‘flips’, used by others. These are blatant speculation that can lead to catastrophic losses if the market shifts. Our strategies are profitable in all market conditions.
You can sit back and watch your investment grow
Unlike other types of real estate investment, we don’t expect you to spend your own time on this. We’ll keep you informed, of course, but we’re the ones doing the hard work and ensuring your initial investment keeps growing.
We find you the best mortgage rates
We have close relationships with all major Canadian banks. And, because we put a lot of business their way,they offer you lower rates through us than you’d find on the open market. We also partner with Benson Mortgages, who work with a wide variety of lenders - both institutional and private - to secure the best financing rates for pre-construction deals.
We know Toronto inside out
We know everything about real estate across the GTA. Good news for you, as we’re up on market trends in all the various micro-districts and up-and-coming communities. We know which are about to surge, and which are about to fall. So, we give you the chance to invest in condo projects that are about to experience strong price growth.
Contracts that keep you safe
Legally unsound contracts can cost condo buyers huge amounts in legal fees. But our legal team will ensure you’re protected. We also offer free contract revisions by one of Toronto’s most experienced law firms, to ensure your contract is 100% safe.
You get full property management services
We offer you full-service residential property management services for both long-term and short-term rental. Our property managers have extensive experience dealing with tenants, condo management, and trades, so we take care of everything for you. Besides the day-to-day operations, we also support you through extensive legal and accounting resources.
All the services you need, from one provider
We provide all the services you need as an investor. These include, but are not limited to, finding investment opportunities, detailed area reports, investment calculations, contract assignments, PDI inspections, finding tenants, property management, property sales, and legal and accounting advice.
Our Founder – Maxim Baginskiy

Maxim is one of the most respected and well-known figures in Toronto real estate. He is President and Broker of Record at Right At Home Realty Investment Group Brokerage, and Founder and Owner at Invest Connect Management. He’s been helping investors for nearly three decades, has won multiple awards, and has a reputation as Toronto’s most knowledgeable, developer's approved "Platinum" broker.

Maxim also hosts two real estate TV shows – ‘Secrets Of The Real Estate’ and Canadian Dream’.

Are You Ready To Change Your Life For The Better?

An investment in real estate is an investment in your future. The profits you make can give you the life you’ve always wanted.

We help you with the whole process, from initial investment, to construction, then renting the property out, and finally selling at a healthy profit. Typically, we help clients achieve excellent return on investment over several years, – a lot higher compared to other types of safe investments.

You may not know much about investment or real estate – that doesn’t matter. Most of our clients are ordinary people who want to improve their lives. Maybe you want a better education for your kids, financial security in retirement, or more money to spend on the finer things in life. Whatever it is, we can help you realize your dream.

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