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We handle all aspects of the pre-construction investment purchase process for you. This saves you lots of time and hassle and – thanks to our expertise and negotiating strength – ensures a high return on your investment. Read more about how we help you by downloading our investor guide:

Proven Investment Strategies

Our methods have been tried and tested throughout 25 years in the real estate and pre-construction investment sectors.

During this time, we’ve adapted to suit changing market conditions and regulations, to ensure our clients generate maximum profits on their investments. So, when you choose us, you know you’re dealing with a firm with the necessary experience and knowledge to secure true financial freedom for you and your family.

It’s our job to ensure you make a profitable investment. But we give you more than that – you also gain the investment know-how and tools you need to transform your life and lifestyle in a way you never thought possible. A successful property investment frees you from the cycle of grinding away at a job you hate and the trap of debt, inflation, and rising living costs. When you make the decision to talk to us, you leave that behind – and look towards a bright and prosperous future.
Maxim Baginskiy
Founder – NewGTACondos

Why You Should Invest With NewGTACondos:

You don’t waste time
When you invest in pre-construction condos with us, you free up your time - as we take care of everything for you. Other types of real estate investment, such as buying and renovating an old property, are way more time-consuming.
Your investment is protected
Your new condo and your money are covered by Tarion Insurance, both during the construction period and after completion. Thus, you are completely insured against unforeseen losses – for example developer bankruptcy, or poor quality construction work.
You have a choice of strategy
Buying at the pre-construction stage gives you a minimum of three years to decide how to use your condo. When the condo is ready, you have a number of possibilities to choose from: A) Resell the contract at the end of construction B) Close the deal and resell the condo after 1-2 years of renting it, to make a tax saving C) Use the condo as a long-term investment.
You have no limits
Only this type of real estate investment allows you to make initial investments without securing a mortgage. This also means you have no restriction on how many units can be purchased at the pre-construction stage.
You’re investing in the future
When you buy a pre-construction condo, there’s no need to rent it right away. You have the opportunity to buy cheap in developing areas that are on the cusp of becoming highly desirable, then waiting until the rental price rockets. We collect information about certain areas of the city that are due for major infrastructure upgrades (e.g. extended subway lines, highways, urban and business centre developments, schools etc) so we can point you to areas that will soon be rental hotspots. This means you’ll benefit from an increased profit based on the district's new price category, regardless of the overall market conditions.
Investment risks are completely minimized
When buying a pre-construction unit, you don't immediately need to put up a large sum of money for the down-payment. Instead, it’s spread over five or six deposits during the construction period, with the last one usually due at occupancy or final closing. During the construction period, condo value grows on average at 5% per year – whatever the market conditions. You’ll get this rate as we’ll have advised you on the right choice of neighborhood. So, you can expect a profit of anywhere between 50%-70% per annum on your deposit, which massively reduces your investment risk.
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